Loyagami helps many home owners, investors and real estate developers to increase value by bundling the property with local tourism offerings that include eco tourism, urban touris, rural tourism and so many other type of tourism as well as offering in service residence and co living settings

Tourism hotspots are well-known to perform better in terms of real estate, as many people will be aware of the area’s existence due to its popularity. Such places also hold the potential to house many luxury developments, which will eventually make it a highly desirable location for many. The properties located in such areas will be in good demand and this will increase their property value over time.

Attract expats

Tourists hotspots usually have high-end facilities and amenities which adds up to the convenience of foreigners. Thus, foreigners who reside in our country for long term; widely known as expats; show interest in staying within such locations as they feel closer to home.

This contributes to the increase in capital and rental value as these expats are willing to overspend for their home rental or property purchase.

Vacation homes

Short term rental has become a popular trend among backpackers and tourists as it is affordable and convenient at the same time. Even though many prominent hotels and resorts are available in such hotspots, yet with the existence of the internet and other modes of communication, tourists can now easily book a short-term vacation home for a cheaper price.

We also utilize high impact online travel websites and travel agency like booking.com, airbnb.com, agoda.com to offer the properties What we do is simply to make it easier for home owners to manage their properties and increase the value of the property 

So if you’re keen to invest in tourist hotspots, you can consider to invest in second home program or let your property managed by Loyagami